Project Overview

This page houses a collection of our games and other work. Besides our official projects, we also maintain some open source projects on our github page.

Gaming Projects

Smash Wizards
Minecraft Server • 2020 - 2021
It's time to dust off your spellbook! Introducing an all new competitive gamemode full of crazy explosions, magical spells, and mad wizards! Currently closed.
Space Shooter • 2020/2/25
Side project made to test out the capabilities of the Godot Game Engine.
Minecraft Server • 2015 - 2019
A high-quality Minecraft Server offering a range of unique gamemodes. Currently offline.

Software & Tools

Task Planning Tool • 2021/04/11
Vindigo is a next generation planning tool focused on productivity and usability for your team.
Rubicon Framework
Minecraft Server Framework • 2020/03/23
An all new, revolutionary, Minecraft server framework which allows you to deploy the highest quality servers in an unbeatable time.
Comment Anchors
VSCode Extension • 2019/05/12
A useful extension that allows the creation of fully customizable navigation anchors in your files.